Steel Guitar Pick Earrings and Pendant Set

Guitar Pick Jewelry

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Etched Stainless Steel guitar picks are made for playing Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music.

This authentic Tantris jewelry set is a bold and beautiful look that will make you feel like you are absolutely bad to the bone.

Image of Tantris Standard etched steel guitar pick

And if you are a guitarist, these picks will become your new favorites. That sintered bronze “chainsaw blade” pendant contains a stainless steel Tantris Guitar Pick, ready to be slipped out of its holder and used at any time. Tantris Picks are renowned as some of the best etched steel picks in the world, producing a brighter and heavier attack compared with flexible plastic picks, yet with glassy-smooth, hand-polished edges for ultra-fast speed-picking and infinite durability. A Tantris Pick will literally last forever.

Image of model wearing Tantris Guitar Pick Holder Pendant. Photo by Frankie James.
Tantris Picks Artists

Since 2008 Tantris Picks have been handcrafting collectible, rigid, 25 mil (.6 mm) stainless steel guitar picks, deeply etched on both sides with dark and enigmatic artwork for extra tactile grip and a classic heavy metal style, making them the weapon of choice for many of the industry’s most respected and badass hard rock guitarists like Terry Lauderdale, Scott Johnson, Jeff Marsh, Chris Alosi, Zach Waters, Austin Mo, Arthur Mulcahy, Steve Carver and countless others.

Tantris Guitar Pick Holder Pendant
Image of Tantris Picks etched steel guitar pick earring. Photo by Frankie James.