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Guitar Picks

Etched on both sides to provide grip and style, with edges hand-tooled to glassy-smooth perfection.


The ultimate guitar pick holder pendant for Tantris Standard model picks.


The perfect hard rock fashion accessory.


Represent in style with a Tantris T-shirt.

Expertly Crafted Steel Guitar Picks… And Accessories

Tantris picks come in 3 classic styles, all deeply etched on both sides for secure grip. Each pick is individually hand-tooled from high quality .025″ stainless steel for hammering out heavy riffs and screaming solos with the solid, bright attack that only a heavy metal pick can deliver.

Current Collection

All our products are hand-finished in stainless steel. The Series 1 picks are a limited edition and feature etched designs on both sides to ensure maximum grip during performances. You won’t find anything like them except at our authorized dealers.
Series 2 picks now feature deeper, blackened etchings and are only available here on our website.


“The tone from Tantris Picks is truly undeniable. These are great for applying effects in the studio and for live performances. On top of their sleek design and performance, they are the baddest looking picks around!”

Zach WatersThe Zach Waters Band

“Tantris Picks are a staple part of my guitar rig. No other pick has ever been part of my “sound”! All guitarists should have at least one of these gorgeous picks in their tool arsenal!”

Cortney DeAugustineRecording Artist and Producer—Razor Queen

“These picks sound like no other when they hit your strings…add these badass babies to your go-to guitar gear!”

Madi GoldGuitarist, Singer/Songwriter—Tonic Zephyr

“Tantris are the ONLY picks I use. The feel and attack on the strings is like no other. Impossible to go back to any other pick once you use Tantris!”

Chris AlosiBassist—Failure by Proxy

“It is truly a custom metal pick… I mean, custom all the way down to the detailed graphics! It is the only pick I use!! Play metal! Use metal! Tantris Picks are simply the best!”

Jeff MarshGuitarist—Long In The Tooth Band

“The picks work very well with my Les Pauls 🙂 I will need more… I literally can’t play without them!”

Terry LauderdaleGuitarist—Hot For Teacher, Ozzy Alive, Terry Lauderdale Band

“Since NAMM I haven’t gone out and played live without them. They feel and play amazing!”

Austin MoThe Austin Mo Xperience

“Each of these striking plectra are potently handsome, perfectly finished, and tonally rich, capable of serving your picking needs for many moons. The etching on this is absolutely staggering…it genuinely is beautifully finished…and the sound is ludicrously aggressive!”

John Tron DavidsonMusician, Writer

“These are the coolest picks!!”

Scott JohnsonGuitarist—Tesla, Savannah Blue, Late for the Sky, Voyager

“Using Tantris picks gives that extra crisp punch to our heavier songs that I was looking for on my Bass!”

Steve CarverBassist—Babylon Gypsies

“Who could not pass up on the Tantris Picks–I know that I couldn’t–these are very awesome!”

Darwin SomsenGuitarist

“I am so happy you loved the images Paul and I created! Always happy to model for Tantris Picks!”

Julie MatthewsModel/Musician

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not absolutely satisfied with our product you may return it for a full refund.

We take pride in our products and offer great support and service. Contact us if you have any questions.