How are these picks made?

Our picks are not stamped out or molded from plastic; they are machined from surgical grade stainless steel, then individually hand-tooled for optimal edge contour and polish, examined for quality and individually packaged, so they are somewhat expensive to produce. However, they generate uncompromising metal tone. Once you start using a Tantris pick you will probably never want to play with anything else. At a reasonable cost you can own the best metal pick in the world for performing hard rock and heavy metal, it will last you a lifetime, and you’ll feel like a ROCK GOD.

What are the advantages of a Tantris pick?

Your overall sound is much brighter and hotter with a metal pick than with picks made of other materials, and our picks are rigid to produce that heavier attack. You can also use the edge of the pick to chirp and scrape the strings to far greater effect, and produce ringing pinch harmonics. Tantris picks are etched with graphics to provide them with good texture on both sides so they are easier to hold onto during a performance. Holding one of our metal picks in your fingers feels good. You’ll appreciate the qualities of weight, rigidity, edge smoothness and surface textures, and the fact that it’s the genuine article. Why play metal with weak, cheap, disposable plastic? It only makes sense to play metal with metal.

Will a Tantris pick damage my guitar?

No. Tantris picks have glassy-smooth, polished edges, so they won’t harm your guitar any more than a plastic pick will under normal playing conditions.

Where can I get one?

You can buy Tantris picks from any of our growing number of dealers, or here at our website. We only sell here at full retail price in order to allow our dealers maximum pricing flexibility.

We support independently-owned shops, so you won’t find our products sold at major music store chains.