Five Big Reasons to Switch to Metal

Image of Tantris "Standard" Model etched steel guitar pick

Tantris etched stainless steel guitar pick, Series 2.

It may never have occurred to you that a metal guitar pick could boost your sound, but it’s true. Here are five big reasons why you might want to consider picking up a high quality etched stainless steel pick and giving it a try:

  1. A steel pick will deliver a very aggressive attack to your strings. Rigid steel picks, like these made by Tantris Picks, will not yield, so your strings will take all the kinetic energy of your pick-strokes. This results in higher attack volume and a brighter tone than you might get from a flexible plastic pick. With smooth, polished edges, metal picks easily glide over the strings. This enables you to perform fast tremolo picking with less effort because the pick can be kept very close to the strings.
  2. The tone produced by metal is much brighter than that produced from softer materials like plastic. This is especially apparent on a steel-stringed acoustic guitar, where the picks will noticeably ring. It is also contributes significantly to the dynamic range of electric guitars. Effects like chirps and pick scrapes are more effective too.
  3. An etched stainless steel pick with designs on both sides provides some serious traction so the picks won’t accidentally slip or rotate in your fingers while you’re playing.
  4. Stainless steel picks will last forever. They just don’t wear out.
  5. An etched stainless steel pick looks and feel substantial and worth hanging onto—because it is. It will last forever. You will value them as essential gear in their own right rather than as disposable utensils.

Tantris picks come in 3 classic styles, all deeply etched on both sides for secure grip. Each pick is individually hand-tooled from high quality .025″ stainless steel for hammering out heavy riffs and screaming solos with the solid, bright attack that only a heavy metal pick can deliver.

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Tonic Zephyr – Moon and the Sun

Image of Moon and the Sun album art

Moon and the Sun album art by Nik Gernert

Two years after scoring solid recognition with their debut album, Psychedelic Indie Rock band Tonic Zephyr is back stronger than ever with a new EP titled Moon and the Sun, another ambitious if well rounded production that easily matches the quality of their 2017 CD.

The five new tracks are an intoxicating melange of lyrical soundscapes, each crafted with masterful precision. Released as a single in late March, the first track, “Fancy Free,” is stylish, funky and provocative; “Gypsy Queen” is a lovely ballad; “Moon and the Sun” a wistful dreamscape, “Ether” a cosmic rock ballad loaded with great riffs, and “Scorpion” a hard rocking mystical epic. Influences spanning decades seem to filter through from early 70’s Heart and Led Zeppelin through 90’s Alternative, yet Tonic Zephyr’s trademark sound is entirely unique. Creative arrangements and excellent musicianship underlie these tracks. Singer Madi Gold’s lyrics are spellbinding and her enchanting vocals are consistently strong, pure and gilded with sincere passion. JT Loux’s guitars mesmerize with delicate arpeggios, well-crafted solos, melody lines, cool riffs and massive chords ringing with killer tone and clarity. The rhythm section is as solid as ever, particularly with Reilly Olsen lending some kickass bass phrasing to the mix. Despite TZ having something like a “wall of sound” at times each instrument stands out, a testament to the excellent mix on this album and the capable talents of producer and Tesla founding member Frank Hannon, who also supplied inspiration and guidance throughout the recording process.

So there you have it: superb production, thoughtful arrangements, contemporary appeal, each song featuring great dynamic range with softer parts dovetailing perfectly with powerful choruses and all stitched together with spirited lyrical charm, making this entire album a terrific listening experience. Check it out on Spotify and most other major streaming platforms now and get prepared for the official CD release party to be held at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, California on May 25th. Hope to see you there!