Fancy Free – Tonic Zephyr

Music Review by David Clendenen


Indie rock band Tonic Zephyr has just released the first single from their upcoming EP Moon and the Sun slated for release May 25th.


Infectious and fun, “Fancy Free” has a retro 70’s vibe with a catchy bass line and disco beat, a perfect setup for singer Madi Gold’s evocative vocals and lyrics which persist with a playful yet passionate urgency and loads of expressive character. It has a funk groove made from two alternating seventh chords which ring throughout the song with unresolved tension that echoes the yearning in the vocals. The whole rhythm section is very tight. The song’s apparent simplicity belies an expertly crafted composition that showcases even more versatility and range from Tonic Zephyr, yet remains in character for them due in large part to Madi’s rich vocals and frolicking lyrical stylings.


Aside from his percussive funk rhythms JT Loux’s Telecaster guitar solo is succinct yet expressive, laid-back, and with its sharply filtered wah-like tone and soulful, slow-bending wails and fluid finish is reminiscent of Ernie Isley’s sound. Reilly Olsen’s expertly crafted bass riff is a suave 70’s disco groove backing Madi’s feverish vocals. Like JT’s riff it is tastefully urbane and understated, yet dynamic.


The video is produced and directed by Frank Hannon, himself no stranger to funk as evidenced by his own 2005 debut solo album Guitarz From Marz, on which the renowned Tesla guitarist delivered a healthy dose of similar medicine with the track “Funk It Up!”.


You can check out “Fancy Free” right here, also available on Spotify and most major streaming platforms beginning April 12, and watch for the release of their EP Moon and the Sun in May.


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